SUNRAY SCIENCE &TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established on June 8th 1986. The working capital registers 126,500,000NTD. SUNRAY was the first company in Taiwan to provide regeneration service of ion exchange resins. With years of expertise in water treatment, we design and build high-efficient pure water systems and pertaining maintenance for high-tech companies.

In 1999, SUNRAY built a cleanroom laundry to provide laundering service of cleanroom garments for high-tech companies. And beginning in 2003, we expanded into the cleanroom wiper manufacturing for use in the critical environments.

In 2001, the Environmental Protection & Engineering Division was founded and has won numerous contracts of environmental protection and hydraulic utilities projects in both the public and private sectors, including electro-mechanical controls, water treatment facilities, scenic fountains & swimming pools, etc.


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TEEIA was established in December 2005 entitled as Taiwan Optoelectronic and Semiconductors Equipment Association (TOSEA) and since June 2010 TOSEA has been renamed to Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA). As a non-profit organization, TEEIA aims to promote the technology and business development of electronic industries in Taiwan including Optoelectronics, Semiconductors, Display, Touch Panel, OLED, Solar Cell, Medical Electronics, Measurement and Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment, Electronic Components and Parts, Air and Water Purifying Equipment, Sewage Treatment Equipment, Environmental Protection related Equipment, Climate Environmental Testing and Reliability Equipment, Electronic Assembly and SMT Equipment, E-communication, Electronic Special Tool and Mold. Also, we facilitate industry-academic cooperation and organize trade shows, training courses, professional conferences for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and agents.

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