Cleanroom Laundry

SUNRAY currently operates a class 1 cleanroom with the most advanced cleanroom laundry equipment in Taoyuan Longtan. This facility was dedicatedly designed and built for the operations required for ultra-clean laundry.

Waste water from SUNRAY is bio-chemically treated before disposal and is periodically tested in compliance with the Environmental Protection Laws.

Equipment & Facilities

All the laundry processes take place in class 1 environments. The water source is from an 18-mega ohm ultra-pure water system. Laundered garments remain in the cleanroom for subsequent drying in ULPA-mounted cleanroom dryers followed by folding, packing and vacuum sealing.

Process Control

Soiled garments are brought to the sorting area for damage check and repairs. Heavily soiled garment are pre-processed to remove stains before merging with lightly soiled garments. To prevent cross-contamination, soiled garments are loaded from the dirty side (class 10k) and unloaded from the clean side (class 1). After laundering and drying, garments are retained in cleanroom environments, then folded, packed and vacuum-sealed before leaving the cleanroom to the shipping area.

Inspection & Service

Each garment can be bar-coded and/or labeled per customer’s request for the purpose of tracking and identifying. Garment information such as washing records, repairs and sizes are logged in a computer database. Finished garments are sampled for particle testing to ensure conformance with cleanliness level prior to packing and vacuum sealing. Through this tight control, quality laundry service with lengthened garment life is delivered.


  Class1 cleanroom                                   Barcode garment control system            Particle inspection system 

名牌 純水設施廢水處理

 Name & ID labling                                     DIW system                                            Waste water treatment