Pure Water Systems & Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resins

Pure Water Systems & Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resins

Pure Water Systems

SUNRAY is an expert in portable de-ionizers, water treatment and packaged pure water systems supplying high-tech industries such as semiconductor, optics, microelectronics, pharmaceutical & food, biochemical etc.

Packaged Water Supply Systems

  • Reverse osmosis system
  • CEDI systems (Continuous Electro-De-Ionization)
  • Automated filtration, softening, packaged pure water systems
  • Counter-Current Regeneration units
  • General-propose water treatment

 PDI                         超純水系統

 台電純水   HOYA

Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resins

Features of P.D.I (Portable De-Ionizer)

  • No manual operation and maintenance needed
  • No chemicals consumption required
  • No waste water disposal involved
  • Small space and ease of relocation
  • Low initial investment
  • High purity and stable quality (above 15~18 Mega Ohm)

樹脂再生       純水耗材

 Replacements & Accessories for Water Treatment

  • Silica sand, manganese greensand, activated carbon
  • Resins, filters, disinfecting lamps, TOC lamps
  • RO membranes, PH meters, ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) meters, flow meters, pressure meters, pumps, filters, control interface, components
  • Replacement, regeneration and recycle of pure water systems built for the semiconductor industry

High-efficiency Flocculants

  • Dedicated for treating high concentration of waste suspension such as the slurries after Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) in the semiconductor process or the sludge in the LCD grinding process
  • Contribute to aggregation of suspended particles and shorten precipitation time
  • Reduce the usage of chemical coagulants
  • Increase treatment efficiency and decrease initial investment